Delishko’s ginger-garlic paste has a consistent amount of premixed peeled ginger and garlic in a thick paste. It gives food with distinctive flavor and aroma of fresh ginger and garlic.

Nutrition Facts
Quantity per 100g
Energy 95kcal
Total Fat 0.88g
Saturated Fat 0.19g
Total Carbohydrates 11.07g
Dietary Fibre 2.16g
Protein 2.07g
Sodium 6000mg
Calcium 18mg
Iron 2.33mg

Packing: 1kg

Ingredients: Ginger, Garlic, Salt, Sunflower Oil.

No Peeling, No Grating, 18 Months Shelf Life

Ginger Garlic Paste

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Quality Standards

Highest Hygiene

Natural Flavor

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