Delishko's Bhuna Gravy Base is a strong Indian gravy base full of fairly
hot spices,chopped and roasted onions. The gravy base is cooked down until
it is rich in aroma and dark brown in color. This gravy is generally used for
spicy veg.and non veg. dishes.





Packing: 1kg

Ingredients: Onions, Melon Seeds, Refined Veg. Oil, Garlic, Ginger Iodized Salt, Mix Spices, Sugar

Jab Life Ho Busy, Delishko Banaye Khana Easy !!!

Bhuna Gravy Base

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Pro Tip : 1 Kg Gravy makes 5Kg Gravy...

Quality Standards

Highest Hygiene

Natural Flavor


Add 2 liters of water into 1 kg Bhuna Gravy Paste. Mix well while stirring and make smooth paste without lumps. Keep aside for 20 minutes.


Boil 3 liters of water in a large pan, when water comes to rigorous boil, add the prepared paste into it and cook for 20 minutes approx. on medium flame.


Can add spices of your choice.

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